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...About me.

Name: Christopher

Nick: -Sk3tch-

Location: Palmer, Massachusetts - USA / Manchester, Connecticut - USA

Occupation: I am a SignWorker (Billboards, Neon, Crane operator etc...) Skinning my knuckles every day.


Favorite custom map:
De_corse by Hessi

Favorite non-custom map:
De_Inferno (The CS:S version)

What inspires me most of the time:
I try to make a map with my gaming style and have some eyecandy.

Where I start when making a map:
With an idea. Two most important factors: If people are going to play it and if it looks good.

Time a typical map takes to make:
Seven months for the last 2 de_maps.

Favorite map I have made:
de_Boston. I love playing that map :O.

How often I map:
Let's put it this way...My wife says she's sick of seeing the back of my head.

Key to a great map:
I need to learn to model and have more spare time, lol.

What I'm sick of seeing in maps today:
Orange and grey developer textures..

What defines a bad map:
See above.

Words of advice to new mappers out there:
Unless you plan a career of it...Don't get into it. It's too addictive.

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