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14 August 2010

  I fixed the loading problem with de_cevo_nighthawk since the big 23June2010 CS:S update. I performed alot of fixes on the map that I found and people pointed out to me over the years. This version will definately run alot smoother. I renamed it de_nighthawk_pro.

  I will update the pictures and web info accordingly within the next few days...also going to have Chizbone make the NAV file. If you want to download de_nighthawk_pro from this page, Click here!

  If you come across any problems with the me at



Still around...

20 June 2010

  I've been at a stalemate between work and the computer desktop I've been using for mapping. Work has been EXTREMELY busy (Which is good) so I really don't have time for mapping like I used to. Even if I did have time it would be strictly drawing out layouts and brainstorming ideas because my computer has crashed yet again. I think this time I'm just holding out for a whole new computer. It seems less than 1 gig memory just isn't acceptable anymore.

  Sk3maps was also offline for a while as I debated if this site was worth paying for or not. I concluded I put alot of hours into making these maps as I added my website name to alot of them. If all else fails I can use this site as I please either way. It serves well as a backup for storing important files.
  It's amazing how making levels (maps) never really gets out of your system. Even after not playing Counter-Strike Source for a long time, I am constantly looking at buildings in movies and around the towns I drive to for work thinking of my next big map. As it stands the next map will be de_clayran...It really is almost ready to go as it is (before the POS crashed). I just have to add some visual appeal. I just have to get a new system.

  All this time not being active has also drawn me to my fascination with German WW2 aircraft. When I do have spare time (When my son and wife go to bed) I head to the basement to build scale models. I find I have the same problem with ANY hobby I have: finding the motivation to finish projects.
  So in closing...If you DO read this, please send me an email. If there is ANYTHING on this site that you think would make it better/easier to navigate, make it look better, or just want to add input on a map idea... write to!



More Map Goodness

10 September 2009

  I've been working on a map with the working name de_clayran. It's really blocky at the moment but I like the direction it's going. Below are some preview shots. It's about 30% done.

  I haven't totally given up on de_boston2. On my down time I work on it now and then. It seems less painful to make that way. The main issue I have working with boston2 is how the layout should be. One bombsite in particular uses Fenway Park...which is extremely wide open. I made another version with a typical closed in area of buildings.
  I guess it's an issue of visual appearance versus gameplay. I'm still not really sure what I'm going to do...but at least I know I won't lose sleep over it.




25 July 2009

  I just released an awp map called Tropicon. It's by far the fastest map (Time to make) I have made so far. As for de_Boston2...I stopped working on it. I have other projects I'm juggling at the moment. I'm just not sure which to do with the what time I have.



de_Boston2 Update


  I've been working a lot more with de_Boston2. I would say it is 50% complete as far as guessing how far along it is done. For this version of the map I am trying to make it more custom...and a little more brighter color-wise. It won't use the dank HL2 bricks as much.

  De_boston2 is going to take place more or less toward the Beacon Hill area in Boston. As with the other map, I will have to tool around with heavy "add-libbing" to make the map play well. The two bomb targets will be Fenway Park and the "Cheers" bar.

  After play testing the layout SEVERAL times (Counting seconds to choke-points, etc...) I am convinced this map will run better on Pubs than the first one. A big plus is the height variation. You will be able to run on roof tops on certain sections of the map. There is also more areas to well as areas to rush those snipers.

  It will also play faster. I made sure it generally took 10 to 14 seconds to reach from A to B and visa versa. There is just one thing...Should I call it de_Cheers2Fenway? I kinda thought that would be a cool name. Feel free to reply to that one. :)

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Frag and reflect


  I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see servers play my maps. Often times I try to join a server and hear the responses of others while I'm playing. It really is fun to play a map that you created with people around the world.

  De_Boston is doing well in servers. All the time making those building structures and re-doing the layout over and over again have payed off. I really thought I would never get it done after my computer crashed...Thank God it didn't ruin the map files!

  Looking back I feel there are some things I could have done to improve the map. Alot of feedback has been given ranging from the interior to the lack of HDR. I will re-release this map soon as de_Boston_hdr... It will have the fixes and HDR you all have suggested.

  Next in the works is a map by NastyKreap. NastyKreap and I are going to work on his layout as a joint project. Also, I have plans of a rats style map (If I can ever find a modeler...I need a certain vehicle for the map.), so check in every now and again for updates!

  Before I forget...I also made map packs for all my CS:S maps. The links are below.

Click here to get the Sk3maps Bomb/Defuse Map Pack [64.0 MB]
(For CS:S) Includes de_Boston, de_hydrofire, de_hydroCo, de_cevo_nighthawk, and de_troit.

Click here to get the Sk3maps Awp/Aim Map Pack [21.5 MB]
(For CS:S) Includes awp_deathcanyon, awp_deathcanyon2, aim_skyline, The XFX aim map series, and awp_map-team74. (8 Maps total!)

Click here to get Map pack 1 by Sk3tch [7.17mb]
(For CS1.6 and CZ) Includes de_team74_mill, de_cevo_arsenal, awp_map-bsf, awm_map-team74, awp_pit, fy_team74, and 74_war.

Click here to get Map pack 2 by Sk3tch [378kb]
(For CS1.6 and CZ) Includes 74_elitez and de_bsforces.





  Finally...De_Boston is DONE! I'd like to thank AHP, PhilipK, Ill_kid, Mookie, MKZ, My wife, and all who contributed to this map...whether they know it or not.


de_boston and de_hydrofire


  It's been a long time for me to be on the computer mapping...or anything for that matter. About a month or so ago the motherboard on my old computer called it quits leaving me to use the meager computer my wife had before we moved in together. Long story short, I'd like to thank Mike for switching all the guts of my old computer to the one I'm using now. It's not as good of a motherboard...but I can now map and play CS:S!

  So here I am now...trying to catch up with lost time. I just finished up de_boston_beta (Which I'm very proud of..) and re-released de_hydrofire. I hope you enjoy the maps and look forward to hearing crits and comments about them!

Preview screenshots of de_boston:




Merry Christmas! Click here for a special gift from me and the family!

  On a serious note, de_boston is chugging right along. I was wrong about the release date...Never have been good at keeping my own deadlines. I want to make sure this map is flawless. Here are some teasers of the progress:


de_hydroCo (Formerly de_hydrofire, lol)


  Life takes it's toll on the whole mapping thing. Between work and wife and kid...I barely have time to finish maps as soon as I would like. Not like mapping takes first priority, but here it is: The final version of de_hydroCo. Some of the changes I have made are obviously the sky coloring and added alot more detail. I also did some things to it that may haunt me later...Like having gun racks that you can actually use to obtain awps/colts/aks and some other things I won't mention (It will be my little secret I'll shock and awe servers playing my map). As a matter of fact, If you can figure out what I'm talking about....Email me. I'll be sure to pat you on the back.

  So onto the next map... de_Boston. I'm just glad I'm almost done with that one too. I ever tell you I love maping?

Screenshots of de_hydroCo:


de_hydrofire (Formerly de_hydro)


  I have been working steadily on de_hydrofire (renamed for the environment I used in the recent edits) and a beta will be released to AHP public servers to beta test. From there I will edit and add improvements off thier feedback until I feel the final is ready to be released.

Preview shots of de_hydrofire so far:


de_boston and de_hydro


  Two maps are in the works at the moment. De_boston is a little more involved so it looks like de_hyro will be coming out first. I plan on having both maps released during summer.

Preview shots of de_boston:

Preview shots of de_hydro:


XFX Tournament Maps


  I was asked by the fine folks at to make a few of thier Counter-Strike Source tournament maps. Below is a preview of the 1v1 style maps. One more map is in the making for a total of 3 maps. The names will be cs_XFX_Challenge1, 2, and 3. The maps will be ready for download mid October.

To learn more about the XFXteam challenge CLICK HERE


Nighthawk Update


  I have the UPDATED version of de_cevo_nighthawk under the CS:S downloads section. It mainly includes the NAV file from Barndoor. A big thanks goes out to him and the BYFBO clan for all thier help in this map from beta testing to the NAV and overhead.

 In other news, the map de_boston is going to be put to the side for a bit to make a map I promised my wife I'd make. Not because she plays CS:S, but because it was a place we went on vacation and she wants to see me make it. It's St Maarten in the Dutch West Indies. I'm thinking of actually making it my first hostage rescue style map. I've made them before...just never finished one. Below is a screen-shot of what the island looks like....well, at least what I'm going to be making of it.


Good news x2!


  First off.. IT's A BOY! Yep...On 28July2007 Baby Brandon was born. My first son and he's a spitting image of me (minus the facial hair and complexion). :P

  The other topic is I finally got Nighhawk finished (I think). I will not post a download until I am sure it is publically ironed out. I submitted it for the CEVO mapping contest.

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-07-14

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-07-14

Image Hosted by
Shot at 2007-07-14


Life happens.


  Just updating the website...I've been working an awful lot on what I now call de_nighthawk. It was going to be called de_alistad but under further thought, it would be easier to remember nighthawk.

  So after a LONG break I'm back on the mapping scene. Below are some preview shots of where I am on de_nighthawk (75% done).

Image Hosted by
In game screenshot on top and in Hammer editor view on bottom.

Image Hosted by
Inside the hangar looking at the F117nighthawk fighter jet


Sometimes keeping simple pays off.


  I have about 4 maps I'm working on at the same time...putting in at least 3 hours a day on any given map I feel like working on. One map I scrapped (just not going to finish) because I realized it was getting too confined. No matter how I changed the just wasn't going to work. So I'm down to 3.

  One thing I want to point out to newer mappers out there is make the ENTIRE map in 64 or 32 grid units...Then fill in the details later. It just makes life SOOO much easier.

  So the maps in progress are de_boston, de_alastad, and the Cevo map. I might not finish the Cevo map due to time restriction and the fact that Mapping for Cs1.6 annoys me now for some reason. (The HL2 game engine has spoiled me).

  On another note, I added a shoutbox to the website. Feel free to post ideas, tell me your favorite map that I made, or just give a holler to say hello! :)




  I've been mapping alot here recently. Been working back and forth between that CEVO map and de_boston. I haven't had time to update the site like I want...but it will get done soon enough.

A preview screen-shot of de_boston:

Image Hosted by


Bear with me...


  I'm re-arranging the site so it's more download friendly. The final result will be intersting to see. It will have each individual map listed under the tabs on the left bar with it's own page with details and a download link...Kinda like THIS.


Aim_Skyline for CS:S


  A little map I made for the Counter-map2 mapping contest. It features a huge city scene skybox and effects such as the legendary "fall-scream" when you fall off the edge. The players spawn with a scout, deagle, knife, and full armor. There are 32 spawn points in the map.

Click here to preview aim_skyline


Counter-Map is back


  The very site I first downloaded the tools I needed to make maps is back. Please register in the forums and show your support Here!

Also look forward to a Cs1.6 map by me to be submitted for Cevo League.


De_troit released


  It took a while, but after 7 months of on and off mapping...It's finally done! If you have any glitch/comments or questions About de_troit, you can contact me in IRC at #bsf on the Gamesurge network!

Click here to download de_troit!

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